Mission Statement


Our Mission here at the John Hayes O'Neill Studio of Dance through the passion and expertise of our professional faculty is to seek and instill confidence, creativity, self esteem and artistry through a very exacting technique and performance structure.


Allowing each student the right amount of self expression through which they find the desire, drive, dedication and discipline to commit to their dance education is extremely important. Whether the student chooses a career in dance or a different career path, our vision for them is to take all that they have learned and achieved while here at the studio and apply it to all future endeavors.


Recognizing the talents and aspirations of the young artists and giving them the platform to learn and grow into the professionals we will watch tomorrow or the audience members that will support the art of dance in the future, is a daily focus for the faculty and staff. Our influence on the student goes far beyond the ballet classroom as seen in the careers and lives of the many students who have passed through our doors.


Dance provides infinite possibilities for human expression and connection in all facets of our lives. We aspire to always reach towards those possibilities to engage and envelope our students their families and our audience in this… the most beautiful of performing art forms.